Bling it on

Purple & Blue - Figure Skating Apparel | mov-ento

Glimmering Swarovski Collection

Get your bling on with our brand new shiny collection of studded figure skating apparel. Every piece features the modern sheen of Swarovski crystals, toned to match the outfit’s finest features for elegance and decadence that you just can’t beat. Now’s your moment to literally shine, shimmer, and sparkle!

Themed Thermal Outfits | mov-ento

Swarovski Crystals - Vein

Shimmering Red Vein Collection | mov-ento

Tendrils of red on a crisp black create a sharp and human-like design where a skater’s veins are brought to life. Dotted with Swarovski, these pieces are perfect for adding some subtle shimmer to a mature and elegant outfit that will dress up every ice rink in a unique form.

Swarovski Crystals - Stark

Stark Red Racing Stripes Collection | mov-ento

In a sharp, racing stripe style, you can help your young figure skater “earn her stripes” by dressing her in a rich black with thin, shimmering stripes to grab the crowd’s attention. These offer up a scope and a unique competitive angle for those that want to take on the ice rink in style!

Swarovski Crystals - Flux

Shimmering Powerful Strike Collection | mov-ento

Now’s your skater’s moment to take center stage — well, ice. This two-toned collection offers up thin red bands that create a striking appearance. This is perfect for the modern skater looking to make a lasting, sparkling impression in a minimalist profile that is high-end and memorable.

Swarovski Crystals - Demi

Twirling Glimmering Red Lines Collection | mov-ento

This wonderful form creates twirling red lines that will create a memorable and sophisticated look and feel for the ice rink’s newest style! Each red line is decorated with subtle Swarovski crystals, and the combination of these with a rich black base is going to be a rich, textured combination that you just can’t beat.

Swarovski Crystals - Bell

Movement Impressions with Sparkles Collection | mov-ento

Swooping into a bell curve, these sloping red lines are going to create a lasting textured movement that makes for a wonderful overall creation as far as texture, movement, color combination, and sparkle are concerned. Great for a little extra something for ice rink fashion and a smooth charisma.

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