Why is my child dreaming about figure skating?

Most have seen international figure skating championships on television before.

You must have been impressed to see the acrobatics, both in the air and on the ground, that those skaters do, only to think that it is an impossible thing to do. 

You’d most likely think that this kind of skill is out of your reach and that you will never be able to take a small jump, let alone spin as they do, but you are completely wrong! ... Both, you and they have the same ability to do it. 

That’s one of the biggest differences between adults and children: where you see ‘impossible’ they see a ‘totally do-able dream’. And to fulfil a child’s dreams; that’s probably one of the most wonderful things a parent can feel, right?  

If you’re reading is, it is most certain that your little one is dreaming about figure skating.  As a family-guided company, this is mov-ento’s biggest goal and motivation: to help parents fulfill their children’s dreams. 

And this is where you might ask yourself “why is my child dreaming about figure skating?”.

The simplest way to explain that is with another question: have you ever wondered what is it like to fly? 

Figure skating may be the very next best thing to flying, other than an airplane. You're hovering slightly in the air, suspended by your skates, as you pick up speed on the ice and feel the breeze as you glide along, totally unstoppable.

You're not walking, you're not running... you're going so fast you swear you're flying over an icy blanket! It is a liberating feeling. 

Figure skating also teaches you to set goals, how to get stronger and how to best enjoy all of it. This is a sport that teaches you to overcome obstacles, and fears or challenges, to get up every time you fall, and keep trying until you succeed…that’s when you feel totally fulfilled. Your life becomes happier and more complete, even if it seems so simple.

Remember that figure skating is not just about defying speed. As you 'fly', your body defies gravity in a graceful, harmonious, and perfect way. Figure skating is a way of life that involves discipline and concentration. To practice this sport, a strong and physically prepared body is required and expected. On the other hand, the body functions as a means of expressing and interpreting, through dance, and the music they are skating to. In the competitions, the choreographies are evaluated on the basis of two criteria: the difficulties, i.e. the figures, jumps and spins, and secondly, the artistic part that is focused on expression and interpretation.

As in any sport, the body is a fundamental tool and, in this case, it is used in an athletic and expressive way. Skating is one thing, but figure skating is something completely different. Figure skating is a dance, it is art on blades. It's not just about pirouettes, you also have the power and the silhouette of an elegant and delicate ballet swan!  

It is a thrilling experience, to see grace and athleticism seamlessly blended in every move; and the elegantly balanced preternatural poise of the skaters. Imagine seeing that in your children!   

The determination of learning to control your body, move through footwork, master the landings, it’s all part of it. There is a very important sense in athletes called “proprioception”. This is the ability to know and control at all times the position of the body, muscle tension, and breathing. That teaches each athlete two of the most important lessons, in addition to the physical benefits: to trust in oneself and that with practice comes mastery.  

Those are lessons that can be applied to everything else in life: school, work, relationships, and more. 

Figure skating will do wonders for anyone who decides to be a part of it; and mov-ento will be there the moment you decide to be part of this wonderful adventure. 

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