What outfits to wear for figure skating?

When you’re a figure skating mom looking to keep your little one warm on the ice rink in Vancouver, Canada or in any other place, the right figure skating outfits are going to be a critical focus point.  Just like any kind of outerwear, you want the outfits that you choose to be especially warm, but still focused on being comfortable to wear for easy movement.  How does that all come together in figure skating outfits?  Let’s take a look.

Top essential traits for figure skating outfits

Regardless of what actual outfit you may choose for your skater, the details and traits of all of them include:

  • Designed for stretch and shape retention: Since figure skaters have to be able to move any and every which way, the outfits must be able to move with them without hindering free movement and stretch.  Equipped with multi-way stretch and fitting tight to the shape with the perfect cut, all outfits will move as needed, when needed, and still “snap back” to their shape after use and wash!
  • Thermal lining and designed for an ice rink: Where standard clothing creates lack of movement, stripping down to thin layers isn’t an option for staying warm.   From headbands to unitards and beyond, purpose-designed outfits for figure skaters, including mov-ento ones, are fully thermally lined so that the skater stays at just the right temperature during rehearsal or competition without having to restrict their movement.
  • Antibacterial and durable: Since figure skating is a great workout, all outfits are designed to be antibacterial as they wick moisture away to keep the skater comfortable, and also durable so that they can be worn practice after practice with no odours, wearing, or tearing.  

Your outfit options

So, now that you know about features to look for with the right figure skating outfit that is actually designed for an ice rink, let’s take a look at what those outfits actually look like!

  • Two Piece Sets/ Unitards: Your young skater can enjoy their choice of a two piece set style with form fitting bottoms and a zipper collared top, or a full top to bottom unitard that keeps them free from tugging pants up, or tops down.  Both mov-ento outfit styles offer an impressive cut, stellar quality, and great patterns and prints for figure skaters of all ages.
  • Dresses with thermal leggings: For competition day, there are a variety of dresses, too, that will hug the shape and still hold the moisture wicking and thermal properties that the attentive figure skating mom is looking for.  Paired with either nude or black thermal leggings to complete the look, they’re an instant outfit!  Choose from multiple styles to get the choice just right.
  • Accessories: From mov-ento custom form fitting gloves for dexterity, to insulating headbands, to even a thin matching vest, the right accessories can help improve comfort as well as provide just a little bit of extra warmth during a warm up or a particularly chilly morning on the ice.

The importance of proper gear

You hopefully now understand the qualities that go into skating gear as well as what it can look like, but it's also important to understand why it all matters for your figure skater.  The proper gear is going to help them focus on their movements and technique, exactly as intended.  Instead of tugging at zippers or struggling with the heat (or cold), they’re wearing purpose-built outfits that are going to cater to their needs.  The right gear, just like any other sport out there, can help them to train/perform better, stay safe from a wayward hood or sweater string on the ice, and simply enjoy themselves more.

If you're going to do figure skating, you may as well help the figure skater in your life do it the proper way, right?

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