What is “Functional Cut” and Why Does My Figure Skater Need It?

Once you try it, you'll never go back!

There’s marketing in place everywhere. From flyers to magazines to online ads, everyone’s always trying to sell you something. It’s understandable if you’re leery about trusting something as mysterious as “functional cut” for your figure skater. However, we’re here to show you just why this is one “trend” that you’re definitely going to want to invest in.

What is Functional Cut and what does it look like for figure skaters?

Functional cut is the term used to describe clothing that is designed to look great, but be full of extra functional details that make it, practically and comfortable speaking, the right call for skaters. The best way to get a real, live idea of functional cut is to give you all sorts of examples specifically sold by us, at mov-ento. Let’s take a look:

    • Two-piece set: The top pieces have thumb holes to keep sleeves in place. They are designed to slip over thermo gloves, too. The pants have flared bottoms to pull down over your skates and protect them. There is also a wide, stretch-fit waistband to keep you warm.

      https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0349/7272/9476/files/Group_foto_Sets_a2e34e69-79ca-4ce9-8566-18b7402d1024.jpg?v=1613629701https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0349/7272/9476/files/Group_foto_Sets_a2e34e69-79ca-4ce9-8566-18b7402d1024.jpg?v=1613629701https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0349/7272/9476/files/Functional_Skating_Cut_mov-ento.jpg?v=1617754067Unitards: With a zipper for easy on and off, thumb holes in the sleeves to keep them in place and fit over gloves. Skating unitards also fit tight to the body for the graceful silhouette, and have flared bottoms to slip right over skate boots. Great for easy practice gear. The zipper can come on the front or back for easier dressing and undressing for bathroom breaks, etc.
      • Dresses: They look elegant and graceful, but the figure skating dresses are designed for active movement first and foremost. They feature a durable zipper, available on the front or back for easy dressing and undressing as needed, and also have long sleeves and a mock neckline to keep every skater warm. Plus, short dresses include sewn in thermo panties for coverage comfort on the ice!
      • Skating Pants: These fit tight to the leg with a wide waistband for extra warmth, and flared bottoms to fit directly over the skate boots and protect the laces.

        • Skating Leggings: A warm and insulating pair of leggings with a flat, unnoticeable waistband, that replace, and imitate traditional tights, these are designed with an adjustable strap under skate boots to keep them in place. They are intended to be pulled down over skates to keep laces in place.
        • Vests: With no hood for safety, these vests keep the body warm with eco-friendly insulation inside. They fit tight to the body and have hand warmer pockets and a high collar. Skating vests help keep the body warm but leave the arms free for simple movement.
        • Gloves: mov-ento skating gloves fit skin-tight to each finger and each individual finger in each glove is hand-sewn using internal seams so that they are invisible to the touch. Gloves feature a strong cuff at the bottom to keep them perfectly in place.
        • Headbands: These are contoured to cover the skater’s ears and still stay snug on the hairline to prevent slipping or falling off. Mov-ento skating headbands come in two versatile sizes for the right fit.
        • Boot covers: They mimic the boot shape perfectly and slide over to protect against scuffs, untied laces, and the sight of them when in motion. Mov-ento skating boot covers come in 3 sizes for easy fits.
        It’s one of those “once you try it, you’ll never go back” situations for dedicated figure skaters who want to get as much possible out of their time in the ice rink!

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