What Accessories do Figures Skaters need?

Why are figure skating accessories important?

Just like anything, accessories can make or break an outfit. While many figure skating moms as well as figure skaters themselves focus on jackets or pants and other main outfits for an ice rink, the category of accessories should also get some attention and focus when it comes to the right supplies for time out on the ice. If you’re curious and ready to learn about these essential finishing touches, here’s the spot!


Why are figure skating accessories important?

If you think that accessories are all about accents, then you are wrong! When it comes to spending any time training, accessories can make a skater perform better and easier, leading to easier and better training long-term. While skaters can technically do without accessories, their experience won’t be nearly as successful! The right kinds of accessories are going to help make every skater feel at their best equipped for time on the ice.

Thermal skating gloves

Since ice rinks are cold, those early morning and/or long practices and training sessions on the ice are going to creep into the bones. Your figure skater can ward off the chill with custom-made thermal skating gloves. Fitting exactly, tight to the hand, these can also protect the skin in case of a slip or a fall. Made from high quality thermal fabrics with the perfect cut and fabric for maximum stretch and comfort all practice long, these won’t interfere with training and designed deliberately with training in mind!

Thermal headbands

Most figure skating moms and dads appreciate these thermal headbands, too. Fitting snug to the head and helping protect the figure skater’s ears as they whistle around the ice and follow instructions, they can help ward off the chill but without compromising the skater. These are custom designed with stretchy, thermal fabric. This means that they are thin yet designed to move with the skater without popping off or slipping down over their eyes.

Thermal Leggings

Many girl figure skaters prefer wearing dresses, both during training and for the competitions themselves. However, just wearing a figure skating dress alone isn’t going to be enough! Thermal leggings are going to be the fix, with their nude colours that will help keep your skater warm and protected from the cold of the ice rink, and still give them ultimate freedom to move and stretch however they need to. Moisture wicking as well as hugging the shape perfectly, these will be essential for comfort and protection from training to competition day.

Boot covers 

Modern, boot covers are some of most popular accessories for figure skaters of all ages! Available in fun prints or in classic shades, these are super stretchy, specifically designed slips to go over a skater’s boot and protect it from scuffing or damage during rehearsals. Since boots only look new and fresh for so long, it makes sense that protecting shoes/boots is going to be a priority during rehearsals and warm up!

Blade covers

Whether you go for the skate guards that help protect your blades from dulling, or the soft blade covers to protect them from rusting - or both - these accessories not only look great on your skates, but also work to make sure that your blades stay sharp and rust-free for integrity when it comes to practices and future competitions, both.


Why the right choice matters?

When you are looking at specially designed accessories, such as those that you find with mov-ento, you’ll be able to help your figure skater stay warm and comfortable even during long practices on the ice, but also make sure that their freedom of movement and technique aren’t going to be compromised. While normal accessories certainly can be worn on the ice, they will cause frustrations both to the coach as well as the figure skater! That’s why carefully-designed figure skater accessories are always going to be the right call!

It only makes sense, then, to trust a focused figure skating company when it comes to the accessories that are going to protect the figure skater in your life, both in keeping them warm, and their skates safe, and also making sure that technique and freedom aren’t compromised because of it!

So, when planning an outfit fit to the ice rink in Vancouver, Canada, be sure to take a look through this list of mov-ento figure skating accessories and make sure your skater is ready to take on training with all of the right essentials!

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