Top Reasons Why Soft Blade Covers Are a Must

It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new accessory that you have to buy for your dedicated young figure skater in Canada. Some accessories are just that, add-ons. But some accessories are practical essentials that are an important part of a figure skater’s closet. Soft blade covers are certainly going to be on that list, even if you’re not entirely sure right now.  Here’s what you should know about them!

  • They protect skate blade quality: Skate blades require a lot of TLC in order to keep them in top shape. These soft covers are going to help offer protection. Lined with moisture wicking fabric to absorb excess moisture, they'll help blades stay rust-free and will help them keep your sharpness longer, too. For those that are looking to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying, these soakers are especially helpful.
  • They keep fingers and blades separate: Fingertips and sharp blades are never a good combination - but an easy one to find in an ice rink. These soft and stretchy blade covers will help protect one from the other and reminder skaters that blades are sharp and not to be touched! Plus, accidents happen no matter how careful everyone is. These soft and tight-fitting blade covers will help minimize them as much as possible.
  • They are designed to fit any and all blade sizes: From small to large skates, these are one-size and will simply stretch to fit all blade sizes as needed. Great for those that want to use the same soakers year after year! Plus, you can trade with friends and have deliberately mis-matched blade covers, if you want. It’s all about versatility!
  • They’re bright and colourful for extra cheer: Perhaps not quite as focused on function as the other points, but this is important! Whether you go with colour-matching covers or you decide to go with a simple solid colour, these mov-ento blade soakers are going to bring some fun and cheer to an often ignored and underrated part of the skate!

Not all blade covers are the same

            You’re going to always want to invest in high quality blade covers, because inferior ones will look nice, but do nothing else. Mov-ento soft blade covers are manufactured from one source and are handmade in Europe and Russia. With an exceptional eye for detail and seam reinforcing, they are all about quality and integrity.

            Not only do they have to look great, they also need to perform great. Mov-ento blade soakers are going to do all of that perfectly without you feeling as though you are compromising on anything. Nice to have some details sorted out without a fuss, right?

So, while colour coordinated scrunchies may not be quite as high on the list of priorities, these soft blade covers are going to be a great leader of your accessory choices when looking at dressing up your figure skater’s collection! All that’s left, now, is figuring out what you want to choose for your pattern and design!

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