Tips for Properly Sizing your Figure Skater’s Outfit

These days, we’ve all adjusted to the reality that we’re going to need to do a lot of shopping online. Without question, shopping from your couch can be a huge perk, but there are some drawbacks when it comes to those “trickier” items. For example: figure skating outfits! How do you choose the right size when it’s so versatile? Here are some tips to guide you.

1. Become one with the size chart: Starting out, get up close and personal with the sizing chart. Not only should you see all of the sizes and their differences in measurements, but also understand how to properly measure each part of the body to see where they fit on the size chart.

2. Grab the measuring tape and some paper: The next step is to get the measuring tape, some paper, and start measuring your skater. Get as accurate as you can and make sure you grab all of the measurements needed. When in doubt, do it two or three times, because the more precise you are, the better it’s going to be.

3. Compare sizes to a current, well-fitting figure skating outfit: If you want to start from a great baseline, take a look at your skater’s current figure skating outfit.  It should be a close match to one on the sizing chart, especially if it’s the same brand! But, always make sure that you double check, because sometimes certain lines will run small.

Need additional guide to help you? Take a look at the chart with outfit measurements in the size quide and compare them with measurements of your current skating outfit.

Measurements Skating Outfit

4. Always go one size bigger: When in doubt, and feeling as though your skater is on the edge of the sizing recommendations, always go with one size bigger! A little too big is always going to be the better option to something that is too small!

5. Dresses and untards should be one size bigger than two-piece sets: When you are looking specifically at dresses or unitards for the ice rink, you’ll find that the size you choose should be one size bigger than the standard two-piece sets. If not, you’ll want to size up! This is considered standard.

6. Contact the store for special changes: Let’s say you need one or two tweaks to help best suit your skater in the ice rink. Contact the store to see if they can offer, for example, a wider cut with the same dimensions otherwise. You never know what’s available!

Still need help? Contact Mov-ento for tailored outfits

    If you’re still not sure what you need, or you feel like your skater is not getting the right blend of fashion, comfort, and practicality for skating in Canada, contact Mov-ento and see just what we can offer. Working with custom order figure skating outfits, you’ll be able to literally craft one to fit your skater perfectly, right down to the very last embellished detail.

    From measuring to understanding sizing, there’s a lot that goes into proper online shopping etiquette for figure skating outfits. You have help available if you want it, so don’t hesitate to reach out and grab the extra support if you're in need.

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