Thermal Figure Skating Gloves: Every Figure Skater’s Dream

The top perks of thermal figure skating gloves

            When your figure skater takes the ice by storm, it’s all about precision, grace and elegance. However, that’s going to be dampened a whole lot if your skater is struggling to skate because their hands aren’t protected. Normal gloves just won’t cut it, but you want to protect them, too. That’s where thermal figure skating gloves are going to be a total life-saver when it comes to productive yet comfortable practices.

            As any figure skater who’s made the switch will tell you, there are many tangible and intangible benefits to enjoying mov-ento’s custom gloves, but let’s take a look at some of the general, widespread advantages first, as they are the easiest to love!

  • They protect against scrapes and falls: These gloves are going to offer up insulation and cushioning in case of a trip, scrape, or fall. Great for being comfortable during new moves on the ice and giving coaches that extra little comfort too, knowing that they’re protected but still able to move freely for an effective training session.
  • They’re water-resistant: No one wants wet gloves, especially not skaters on an ice rink! They’re resistant to water and will be great for keeping those fingers warm on the rink and off!
  • They’re warm on those cold mornings: Speaking of warmth, these gloves will help ease the chill on those long rehearsals, especially on those particularly cold Canada mornings! They’re great for helping ease warm-ups and even the full rehearsal in comfort. This can often help keep skaters on the rink easier with less distractions, too!
  • They mimic the hand’s natural shape down to the very last detail: Since bulky and loose gloves aren’t going to be effective at all when it comes to ice skating, these are designed specifically with that in mind, fitting right to the hand and making sure that figure skaters can enjoy them as intuitively as a part of their body!
  • Feature functional cut benefits: These are functionally cut for figure skaters, with hand-sewn seams and a thick and slip-free cuff that keeps the draft out of your sleeves and also keeps the gloves tight in place so that there’s no tugging, re-arranging, or frustration that goes along with it.

A few last tidbits

            As if all of that isn’t enough, you’ll also enjoy that these gloves are going to be great for skaters because they can be matched in print with our mov-ento collections so that every little last detail is going to be perfected.  Figure skaters can’t just make do with anything and that’s why deliberately designed and perfected gloves are going to be so important to making sure that protection doesn’t cost function or those perfectly graceful lines that the skater is looking hard to protect.

            Specifically designed for hard-working figure skaters, these thermal figure skating gloves will help make practices much more comfortable and safer, too. Both parents and skaters will enjoy the little extra touch -- see what we did there -- that these bring.

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