The World of Colour and Figure Skating

Your favourite colours in figure skating fashion

            When you put yourself on display, you want to know that you look your absolute best, right? This means that you are going to have to take a look at what colours you use to put that into auction.  Do you find that most skaters go for black? Especially during practice sessions? It’s a common sight, for sure, but it’s also a very limiting colour, especially with so many to choose from…

The world of colour

            If you’re going to go on out there onto the ice and show off your movements and grace, why not do it in a colour that suits your personality? We all have a favourite colour, after all, and it's often one that we feel we look our best in. So, use that favourite colour to help choose the best skating dress, two-pieces set, unitard and other details in your figure skating outfit!

What are my options?

            We are so glad you asked! There are so many options when it comes to figure skating fashion in the world of colour. Here are some of the top categories to consider:

  • Theme prints: There are all sorts of great themes to choose from, and they’re always fluctuating and shifting to give you plenty of options. Pick one that really matches your personality and fashion sense, and it’ll be so satisfying to pull it on and know that you are ready to go for practicality and function, but still look like you!
  • Colour shifts and gradients: From something bold such as our Flamingo print, to something a bit more subtle, such as Crystal print, there is so much fun in colours, including fun shifting and even a gradient effect. You don’t just need to pick one colour and stick with it, after all, that’s the whole point!
  • Colour blocking: You could take this in a formal sense such as looking at the colour block prints, but what about the idea of doing, for instance, a gradient two-piece suit with something like bright patterned boot covers? Or perhaps mismatching themed sets so that you can enjoy all of your favourites? There is so much personality just waiting for you in blocking and vibrant, modern prints. Why not reach out and grab it?

Added bonus: visibility

            The other thing is that if your fellow skaters are all wearing black or brown, you’re going to stand out in a very good way. Parents, coaches and other important people are going to be able to easily see you and remember you as the figure skater who isn’t afraid to go bold and modern in a stunning, personalized Mov-ento outfit!

            Sure, you could pull on that black unitard again, but why not to enjoy that Pink Torella number instead? You’ll certainly make a great impression on the ice, and it’s going to open your world to modern figure skating styles that will give you an edge. It’ll add extra spark to your day and you’ll find that you'll like the energy it gives to your movement on the ice!


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