Skating Vests vs Traditional Vests: What’s the difference?

A vest is just a vest, right? Sure, technically. But when you are looking at purposeful purchases, you’ll find some function differences between different kinds of vests. One of the best ways to understand that is to take a look at the differences that separate a regular vest from a skating vest. Let’s go!


  • A skating vest has no hood: Firstly, the design of the skating vest never includes a hood. Not only do they mess with the skater's look on the ice, they also can be a huge safety risk for themselves as well as all other skaters on the ice.
  • A skating vest is especially lightweight and designed for activewear: Since this is designed for skaters and their movements, this skating vest is going to be lightweight. Promoting easy movement without feeling weighed down, this vest is going to move with the skater. It’s also designed for activewear with breathable fabrics that won’t make the skater feel as though they are overheating.
  • A skating vest is made from breathable insulation: Made with Alpolux and Merino wool for insulation, this is going to be insulated and warm, but still breathable so that skaters aren’t overheated or restricted. It keeps them warm and comfortable but doesn’t hold them back.
  • Mov-ento skate vests can be pattern coordinated with other figure skating outfits: Designed to match with your figure skater’s other outfits, including dresses, two-pieces, unitards, and accessories. The right skating vest will just quickly become one of the gang.
  • A skating vest is water-repellent: Since ice rinks are commonly places to water droplets (especially in the case of a fall or a tumble), these vests are water-repellent so that they don’t make your skater feel weighed down or cold after they fall.
  • A skating vest has a full, stand-up collar: The vest has a full zip and the stand-up collar covers the neck and is going to be a sharp little completing feature of this form fitting vest. No flapping or extra tabs. Just a lightweight collar on a fully zipping vest for all of the convenience.

Specialty comes with special features

When you see the differences laid out like that, you can see that looking for a specially made figure skating outfit add-on, the details really do make all of the difference. The right thermo vest is going to be the best accessory that you can get to help your skater feel comfortable and warm, but still make sure that they are safe when they step out on the ice for a practice or a warm up.

There are a lot of options out there that all seem to be the same at first glance. However, getting purpose-designed options is always going to be the best way that you can prioritize comfort, convenience, and still make sure that you get the overall feel out of it that you're looking for! When you see a skating vest compared to a normal vest like this, it makes it really easy to see how all of those details made the difference.

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