Skating Tights or Leggings: Which Is Better?

Right gear at the right time

            Looking great on the ice is obviously going to be an important priority for the young figure skater in your life, but what about comfort and, you know, warmth? It often implies that there is a constant struggle between skater and parent, but the real truth is that all you have to do is understand your true options when it comes to your fashion choices. Specifically, choosing which is better between skating tights or leggings (and why).

Skating tights: what’s the deal?

            You know exactly what we’re talking about. Thin, netted tights that can hug the skater’s leg and keep their profile smooth while they’re skating. Sure, it looks great and really helps give off the professional vibe, but that’s about it.  Still, these are all too common in ice rinks everywhere. But, there’s a new choice in town that offers lots of convenience and comfort.

How do skating leggings stack up?

            Intended to pair with skate dresses, nude or black skating leggings from mov-ento have high quality elastic throughout and an especially tight bottom to pull down over the skates. There’s an adjustable strap under the skate boots to keep the leggings firmly in place. This prevents them from riding up or restricting free movement.

            When worn properly with the boot covers, these actually imitate the tights that you’re used to seeing in competitions, but they perform so much better when it comes to the skater’s comfort. Plus, they protect laces and keep your skater warm thanks to the functionally designed thermal lining. The best part about these leggings, too, for younger skaters is that they are going to offer extra protection in case of a fall or a spill on the ice. 

            When it comes to ensuring safety and comfort during long, chilly rehearsals, young skaters are going to love these leggings. They’ll protect and insulate, but still keep the tight silhouette fit that's needed for proper training on the ice. This includes a flat-riding waistband that will be invisible under the dresses.

The verdict

            When it comes to competitions or those older skaters, tights certainly have their place. And they've been used for a long time. But, for long practices on particularly cold days. Or for those younger skaters that need warmth and protection, both a pair of skating leggings are going to give all of the allure of tights, including a functional cut, but they’re loaded with extra figure skater-friendly details that make the difference.

            Wearing a dress to a cold ice rink might be a reality for figure skaters, but when they can enjoy thermal, purposefully designed leggings to pair with the dress, and still look the part during rehearsals, it’s nice to have the option available for the dedicated skater in training!

            At the end of the day, the right choice is always specific to the skater, themselves, but it’s important to always make an informed decision on the right gear. This will help you feel much more in the know about the practical details!

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