Skating from the Heart: A Journey Worth Taking

There is a point in everyone’s life where they have to decide to take the first step in the journey, or not. There are many who will get to that point where they either need to commit or not, and then pull back because they are fearful, or concerned.  However, rising to the challenge is integral when looking at something as captivating as figure skating.

Skating is about self-expression

When every skater steps onto the ice and gets ready to put their techniques to the test in a competition or during a rehearsal, they are making that all-too-important decision to take that first step. Every moment on the ice is one that is spent expressing yourself and working hard to put on display all that you have learned in lessons.  

In order to earn the respect and admiration of all who watch on the sidelines, you must put your entire heart and soul into the performance. This means dedicating yourself to every spin, every jump, and every glide.

Do what you love, and love what you do

Skating is more than just a hobby. It’s more than just a selection of steps and routines. It’s about taking to the ice and transforming your movements into an elaborate expression and experience where you share your story to those who want to watch it and learn about it.

This takes time, perseverance, and creativity. It means that each skater needs to put in 100% of their effort every single time, and that can mean a level of commitment that can make others falter.

But not 9-year-old Brielle. Starting her journey in figure skating at 18 months at public sessions with mom and dad as a fun family activity. She began taking lessons at age 3 and quickly discovered her love of figure skating and the rest, as they say, is history.  

Brielle loves nothing more than taking on the ice with jumps and spins, expressing herself through movements and techniques that she conquers with no hesitation. Her favourite skating elements are double lutz and double flip, Bielmann, bow and arrow spins. She loves skating because it allows her to push herself in her own way, reaching new heights and accomplishing goals that help her to become a stronger, better skater.

Drawing her inspiration from Ilia Malinin, with whom she used to skate at the same rink, Isabeau Levito and Gracie Gold, Brielle dreams of becoming a senior-level competitor in skating so that she can continue to push herself further with new skills and techniques.

Inspiration works wonders

When it comes to helping each skater keep their concentration on that journey of self-expression and creative expression, the outfit goes a long way. When Brielle steps onto the ice, her favourite choice is her blue and white Nepal outfit. She loves the way the design reminds her of the ice and how it stands out when she skates. It makes her feel graceful and its vibrancy helps her to keep her mind focused on expressing herself.

Just one of the examples of a dedicated young skater looking to express themselves on ice in an outfit that makes them feel like they can do anything, mov-ento is ready to help young skaters flourish. From outfits to energy, it's all about taking that first step in the journey.

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