Reasons Why Boys Should Try Figure Skating

Whether it’s the sparkly dresses or the graceful movements, there’s a strong assumption that figure skating is a “girl’s sport”. 

Sure, girls are apt to try figure skating more than boys, but there are so many hidden reasons why figure skating could just be the sport for your child!  Here are 5 of them just to show you what is waiting.

Top reasons for boys to try figure skating

While this is not a list, here are 5 reasons, often unknown by parents, why figure skating could just be the right decision for the little boy in your life that is looking to get out there and get moving.


  • A unique and fun way to exercise: Figure skating is a serious workout for your whole body and it can really give you that feeling of being accomplished.  However, another perk to it is that it is a really fun way to exercise, too!  After all, you know how your little one loves to tear around the house full speed, or go as fast as he can on a bike or skateboard?  He can go even faster, and with more precision, on skates.  He’ll never have so much fun working out!
  • It can strengthen the immune system: Sure, it sounds strange, but it’s true!  If you’ve got a little boy who is prone to allergies, colds, infections and more, ice skating can be a help!  Figure skating helps temper the body and it can make it stronger from the inside out for easier health long-term.
  • It promotes etiquette and grace: Figure skating is all about moving just the right way.  From the right way to hold oneself while gliding, to how to stop on the ice, and all sorts of other details, figure skating is great for physical grace and even etiquette.  Then there's the idea that it can also promote emotional and mental etiquette (how to be a good sport, a teammate, etc) without having to deal with a lot of the toxic masculinity or other competitive bullying in traditional sports.
  • It helps them learn responsibility and independence: Figure skating is a hard sport, there’s no question.  When you want your little boy to learn about the importance of being responsible for their own actions and how to be independent and self-motivated, this is a great teaching aid.  From being responsible in practices to learning how to properly care for their skates, and more, it all factors in.  These lessons can also be applied in other things in life, including school and other hobbies!
  • It’s a great foundation for other sports: Just because your little one is trying out figure skating doesn't mean that he can’t go on to play sports like soccer or hockey, or wherever else he dreams of.  Figure skating is a beautiful foundational sport for all of the other ones, and it can help him learn great physical habits as well as the sheer beauty of learning how to practice and compete.

There are so many potential benefits to figure skating that they really do outshine any kind of previous misconception that it’s just a sport that girls do.  It’s all about health and personality benefits, and there is no such thing as a gender divide when it comes to those kinds of perks and benefits short- and long-term!

Did some of this surprise you?  Are there any of these that you want to come true for your little one?  If so, consider taking him to an ice rink in Vancouver or any other place in Canada and see just what he can accomplish with a pair of skates on his feet!  

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