Heads-Up: Figure Skating Headband Features

Why does my figure skater need a headband?

            The little finishing touches to an outfit can make all of the difference, and figure skating is no different. Accessories are just as important as the mov-ento unitards, dresses and classic boot covers, after all. One of the ones that you’re definitely going to want to invest in for your skater? A headband that is going to be unlike any other options that you’ve seen before.

            At first glance, it’ll look just like any other headband, but it’s going to be so much better when it comes to your skater’s needs -- in the best possible way.  It’s all in the details, surprise, surprise. Let’s take a look at the features that best get your attention:

  • Match our mov-ento prints and colours: Carefully designed, these headbands match in theme and vibe with our prints and colours so that you can enjoy something that completes your outfit in more ways than one!
  • Contoured for ear warmth: Headbands are all about the ears, so ample focus and attention was put into careful contouring to help keep the ears covered without being too tight on the head or leaving the ears exposed. The shape will tuck nicely right around the ear from top to bottom and give it all of the warmth.
  • No slips or loosening during practice: These won’t slip down over the eyes, or fly off during a curve. It’s designed to stay right in place and offer comfort, practicality and trust in a way that normal options just can’t!
  • Seam hidden in the back: chafe-free yet still quality made, the hidden seam on the back of this headband allows your figure skater to look his or her best from all angles. This is especially important with pattern and print application!
  • Ultra soft and tug-free: From ponytails to hair nets to braids, to gel, these headbands are going to stay tight without messing up hairdos or tugging or chafing in the process. Just stress-free, properly fitting and convenient headbands that will leave you free to focus on the task underfoot -- literally.

            Technically, figure skaters don’t require one of these headbands to skate proficiently, but it’s going to be one of those handy accessories that really can make a positive difference in comfort, warmth, and overall focus. When it comes to nailing that difficult move in practice, that little extra focus could be just the thing they need to get it!

            Warmth and comfort on the ice don’t have to be optional or occasional. It’s all about the attention to detail and shopping in the right place, mov-ento options are designed for figure skaters first, both in function and its warmth. The ice rink might be a hard focus point for traditional retailers, but functional cut accessories can bridge the gap easily.

            When you want to help keep your skater warm and comfortable all rehearsal long, as well as give them a nice accessory for life off the rink, too, one of these exclusive headbands is just what they need!

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