Figure Skating Boot Covers: Yay or Nay?

 This is a great question. It seems as though some skaters seem to practically always have boot covers on, while others will just pass over them. So, what’s the deal with it? Who’s right and who’s wrong?  Neither, actually. Wearing or not wearing boot covers is actually a personal decision based on what the figure skater wants! Here are some of the best reasons why many skaters do opt for boot covers.

  • They protect skate boots from scuffs: Boot covers fit snugly to the skate boot, thanks to high-tech and careful design. This means that the skate boot will be protected from bumps, scratches, scuffs, and more.
  • They keep laces tied and tucked away: There’s nothing like an untied lace to cause a problem on an ice rink in Canada! These boot covers keep them in place and tucked safely away so that the figure skater can just focus on their routines! It’s also an important way to make sure that there is no tripping, catching of laces, or other hazards on the ice.
  • They look great when matched to a figure skating outfit: Overall aesthetic is half the battle when it comes to the figure skater. Skate boots can be enjoyed in black, nude, and colour-coordinated to all sorts of mov-ento sets so that everyone can enjoy a sense of uniformity that extends all the way to the bottom of their skate boot! When looking the part of a professional, this is definitely important!
  • They can be adorable and fun accessories on and off the ice: Maybe not quite as technical as you were thinking, but definitely important enough to note. These well-made boot covers are going to be adorable, fun accessories that look great on the ice, but also impress off the ice, too, with other skaters and parents who will admire the figure skater’s put-together appearance!
  • They promote warmth and comfort in the skater: Last but certainly not least when looking at figure skating in Canada, these will offer comfort and extra thermal warmth to the skater, helping her or him enjoy a nice comfortable practice, training session, and even competition. When it comes to confidence and overall comfort, that certainly can’t be ignored.

            Some skaters will wear boot covers constantly, and others will just wear them every once in a while. While mov-ento boot covers are well-made out of high-tech Biflex or thermal Vuelta fabric for maximum elasticity and durability, we understand that even though they do have the perfect boot shape cut, you may not want to put them on your skate boots every single time you step out on the ice.

Picking the right boot covers

            We’ve mentioned already that colour coordination is important, but so are details such as size, fabric type, and the elasticity. All of these are prioritized in mov-ento’s boot cover designs so that you don’t have to choose between fashion and function for your figure skating outfits.

            The whole point on investing on your favourite boot covers is that you can always have them right there when you want to put them on. After that, it’s all about personal preference.


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