Explore Your Universe with mov-ento’s Space Line

The world is out there, and it’s just waiting for you to take it on! If you are looking at helping your figure skater understand just what this feeling means, then one of the best ways that you can do that is by bringing the universe to them through this figure skating apparel.

A universe they can see

The young dreamer on the ice is one of the most powerful artists out there who is going to be capable of creating a world and universe of their own with every stroke and twirl. Yet every young figure skater is going to need a little extra motivation in order to put that extra little something that they need into the routine on those hard days.

This collection of space-themed figure skating practice wear made by Ugoskate is going to help them bridge that gap. With hints of the universe that is out there and waiting for them, these themed pieces and apparel are going to be motivational, energizing, and full of adventure.

Now offered in mov-ento’s new collection, these bring the universe to them and help them dream further than they thought possible. Here’s how:

  • Colors of space: From pinks to blues to purples, every color and gradient hue that you see here is going to be themed just right for a space vibe. These are perfect for those that love these colors anyway but want a new and invigorating way to enjoy them.
  • Patterns in the stars: This collection also features celestial details that are going to make for an awe-inspiring and recognizable collection of clusters and stars that help them draw connections everywhere they can for a true universe right there at their fingertips.
  • A world of possibilities: The sky isn’t the limit with this collection. Every skater will be able to see endless options for possibilities in routines, approaches, attitudes, and imagination. Perfect for the young and shy skater or the space lover that wants to wear the universe on them in a literal sense!

Wonder and adventure

Every item that you see listed in this high-quality collection is going to be just right for the figure skater in Canada or the USA that wants to try something totally different that has never before been seen in sporting wear. Every skater can:

  • Practice in style
  • Allow their imagination to run wild
  • Explore fantasy and science
  • Enjoy a true, one-of-a-kind approach to figure skating practice wear
  • Try something different with their favourite colours

Perfect for skaters young and old, these well-made practice items are going to be versatile, fun to mix and match with other sets, and just different enough to earn another look of appreciation from all those who are watching every skater on the ice.  

When you’re looking for something motivational, modern, unique, and just right to help push a skater forward into the future, you can’t get any better than these wonderful space-themed practice items that are exclusive to mov-ento! All that’s left now is to choose your favourite print and build your collection!

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