Explore your Cultural Roots on the Ice

When a figure skater steps out onto the ice, they are representing not only their skating community but their cultural and historical identity. Paying respect to our backgrounds and our identities is essential, but only if it helps each skater perform, and feel, at their best. This is exactly the inspiration behind our brand new mov-ento Ethnic Line.

Each carefully designed piece is going to tell a different story. Each of these stories will offer figure skaters a way to show off their skills while supporting the cultural and ornamental touches that matter to them.

Costumes that speak volumes

As every figure skater will be quick to explain, the figure skating costume that they choose is more about the colour or the fit. It’s about putting on display those things that matter most to that athlete in particular. From one outfit to the next, mov-ento’s Ugoskate Ethnic Line offers figure skaters more of what they care about most:

  • Colour and pattern: From one collection to the next, you’ll still get plenty of rich, captivating colours and modern patterns that help push those cultural and ornamental elements forward.
  • Tangible cultural elements: Each collection in this Ugoskate Ethnic Line is aptly named to show the cultural and ornamental touches that make this so distinctive from all other mov-ento lines and collections. Perfect for those that want to really tailor their practice wear to cultural elements.   
  • A full line of matching clothing and accessories: It’s not enough to have a unitard or a two-piece set. Each of these collections offers clothing and accessories, all professionally designed with top-quality materials, to help each figure skater enjoy a matching collection of gear!
  • Comfortable and durable Ugoskate clothing: The same professionalism that you know and expect from Ugoskate and mov-ento is replicated in this cultural line. You can blend cutting-edge technology with historical and cultural representation. Perfect for USA and Canada-based skaters that want the best of the best.
  • A never-before-seen idea in ice rink fashion: This Ethnic line is not something that you’ll find anywhere else. Exclusive to mov-ento’s shop, this line of ice rink practice wear is going to be the first of its kind. Just right for the figure skater that wants to make a statement each time they step on the ice!

Representing a new world of figure skating fashion

Professional figure skating costumes have been around for a while, and they play an important role in each figure skater’s life. However, this new line offers each figure skater a way of putting on display cultural elements and ornaments that go deeper into showing who they are. From figure skating practice wear to full costumes, this line is ready to do it all properly and professionally.

If you’ve got a figure skater who is ready to do more with their outfit, this line is just the thing they need to do so! Now the hard part is going to be choosing which of these unique and intricate collections they want to put on display first!

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