Dress for Success – How the appropriate outfits influence skater’s performance

Top tips for putting your best skate forward

When your figure skater steps onto the ice, they’re about to put all of their hard work and effort to the test. Whether it’s for another practice, or a competition itself, the right mindset is going to be crucial. While education and a great coach are part of the equation, of course, you also have to think about that expression you’ve most certainly heard before: dress for success. What does that mean when it comes to figure skating? A whole lot, actually!

What does dress for success mean in figure skating?

Figure skating is an intense, complex and very technical sport. Which means that success is going to be determined by outfits and accessories as much as technique itself. When you are picking out figure skating two-pieces sets, or even something as “simple” as thermal headbands, make sure that you are focusing on what “success” means in figure skating! With a sport this advanced, you have to go with purpose designed outfits and accessories that will give your skater the look and feel they need, but without hindering technique or attitude.  

Top tips for putting your best skate forward

See what we did there? Anyway, when it comes to dressing for success for our figure skater to really take charge of that ice rink, here are some of the tips and advice.

  • Go for the accessories: Accessories shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to figure skating. The accessories not only are going to complete your figure skater’s unitard or dress, they’re going to provide comfort and warmth, too. 

For instance, a thermal headband is going to help her or him stay warm and comfortable while they warm up, and make them feel like they can move around freely without them shifting and causing them to lose focus. 

Even something like gloves can make all of the difference! Custom-designed to be skin-tight and still help them keep those fingers warm during rehearsal and warm-up before a competition, they help your skater go that extra final step to get the most out of their time on the ice.


  • Coordinate accessories and outfits: For extra points, you can also help them dress for success by making sure that everything in their toolkit matches. From boot covers to thermal gloves to the unitard themselves, you can get pattern-coordinated outfits that will help them look like a real, professional figure skater. Not only is it going to give their outfits a put-together vibe, it also helps them feel on top of their game! Confidence is 95% confidence in yourself, after all, right? And when it comes to something as figure skating outfit and accessories, a uniform appearance that looks fantastic, is going to boost that confidence way up!


  • Always choose the right source: The last detail to help make sure that your figure skater is ready to go with nothing to hold them back, is that you go with the right source for accessories and outfits. Sure, sports stores can give you great options that are going to include figure skaters, but why not just skip all of that and go with purpose-designed outfits and accessories for figure skaters alone? mov-ento is all about figure skaters, and it shows - in the best possible way - in the premium quality that is in every single stitch of thermal clothing and accessories. This all works in your skater’s favour, of course!


Most important tip for dressing for success

Perhaps the most important detail before your skater steps foot in an ice rink in Vancouver, or any other place is that all figure skater moms and dads should remember to allow the skater themselves to pick their own style! Since they are the ones that have to go out there and show their technique off, wearing what they love most and best is going to help them do that in full confidence.  

This is especially so when skaters are starting out. Many can find a long practice or their first competition intimidating, and this leads them to make silly mistakes or even be too nervous to perform, simply because they don’t feel like they can do it. With the right two-piece set, however, they know that they look professional and they feel it, too, every time that they look in the mirror. This all helps them push those nerves or uncertainty aside so that they can take on the ice and put every ounce of their concentration and training into practice!

Dressing for success is going to make a positive and noticeable difference in figure skaters young and old, so make sure they’re always ready to go!

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