DIY Club Apparel

Anyone with some fabric markers and a great idea knows that there’s nothing like the idea of customizing your own clothing. 


This is especially so if you go with the idea of having  a common theme amongst you and your friends.  That’s the very idea behind the concept of uniforms, after all, right?  Exactly.  If you love that idea and want to get it working for you when it comes to your time at the ice rink, DIY club apparel is going to be the best possible option for representing your squad in style.


Top perks of getting club-customized gear

First and foremost, every detail that you could want when it comes to creating club style is here.  From literal matching of your RGB, to perfect recreation of your logo, it’s all automatically taken care of to make sure that you can have your club’s details represented perfectly on everything you choose.  But, there’s a whole lot more waiting for you when you choose Mov-ento:


  • Top quality designs: Whether you are looking at customization in just one piece, or you want to do an entire collection, you’ll have nothing but top quality materials and designs.  This means Italian thermal fabric, a design that is customized and created by a team of experienced desighters, and even handmade in Europe.


  • Created in collaboration with you: Our company is located in Canada so that you have access to local contacts 24/7.  We will sit down and meet with you to make sure that you’re happy with the design process every step of the way.  


  • Accurate sizing and professional designs: Our designs are modern and cutting edge, thanks for our talented team and professionally trained team of seamstresses.  As well, we have sample sets for you to look at, samples of how all of our fabrics will look and feel, and even size guides.  All of this means that you are getting exactly what you want, with no room for error.


  • Lots of room for customization: Obviously, the whole point of this is to have your own custom design for your skating club itself.  However, it’s important to note that our team will create something that is as customized as it gets.  No “changing a few details” here, or “adjustment shifts” there.  Everything is uniquely designed by our design team for each skating club for something that is truly customized.


  • Accessories, too: We also offer our design services to more than just jackets or standard clothing.  We also are proud to custom design bags, gloves, and other accessories to help you get all of those details just right on everything you want to offer!


The next time you step onto the ice, you’ll be ready to represent your club in style.  It’s reassuring to know that you can blend high end design with accurate representation built in as an automatic given!  It’s one of our favourite parts at Mov-ento when it comes to making sure that each skater has the option of displaying their club pride proudly.

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