Customization: Your Dream Outfit Realized

Wouldn’t it be a great dream come true to have your ice rink outfit customized just to you? 


Well, it’s a dream no longer -- Mov-ento is ready to help you make it a reality through our producer, Ugoskate.  Everything you’ve ever wanted in an outfit is here in a dream that you can literally make into a reality!  Take a look at just some of the ideas of how your dream outfit can be made into truth.


  • Fun films and prints: If you’re putting text on your outfit, you can have no shortage of customization fun.  You can play with a matte or a gloss effect, for instance.  Or you can go with films such as a holographic feel, neon glitter, and more.  It’s all about making your text stand out in a way that is going to feel just right for you.


  • Include or remove logos: You can also choose to either include or remove logos on your outfit, depending!  Some like to have their logo on their clothing and some don’t, so it’s all about making sure that every last detail is perfect.


  • Mix and match: Love the top of one, and the bottom of another look?  Pair them together!  You are encouraged to mix and match and find just the right overall look that will make it just right for what you had in mind.


  • Get just the right cut, fit, and size: When you’re looking for a way to enjoy the right fit in every detail, dream bit and play around with different cuts, fits, and customized sizing.  After all, no two bodies are the same, and you deserve to have an outfit designed just for you.  The better it fits, the easier it is for you to do your best job for every rehearsal, warm up, and competition!


  • Your choice of zipper location: If you’re going for a stretchy unitard, you will be happy to know that you can have your choice of a zipper in the front or back, designed based on your preference so that you can get even that very important detail just right.  Both have the same simplicity and streamlined profile that you’re used to.


Make your dream come true

Now is going to be the moment for you to reach out and literally grab that outfit you’ve always dreamed of debuting in your ice rink.  Make Vancouver, Canada your stage and allow us to help you create that perfect outfit that you’ve been waiting for.  It’s going to be such a proud moment when you see all of your skating outfit dreams realized in one stunning final customized creation.


It’s one of those things that is always going to be a dream until you can reach out and literally put it on for yourself, admiring yourself in the mirror.  It’s going to be that magical moment that you never thought would happen.  Just make sure that you are ready to accept all of the compliments that you get!  With great power comes great responsibility, after all.

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